Mrs Bin

Mrs Bin is a modern fairy-tale where philosophy and the absurd meet to create a poetic story about loss, past and how people cannot forget.

Mrs Bin became colour blind 30 years ago. It causes her to mix her bins and Constable Danny Shiver becomes tired of coming week after week to fine Mrs Bin. It is the beginning of a story that will escalate to a passionate murder, revelations from Mrs Bin’s past and philosophical speeches from the narrator.

Through the play the author talks about abuse and traumatic events that would change people into monsters, the meaning of holes, emptiness and ends when beginnings are coming around the corner of life. Tinted with tango and physical movements Mrs Bin is a play questioning past and present in an airy and metaphoric atmosphere that was inspired by the work from Jeunet and Caro filmmakers well known for Amelie, The City of the Lost Children and Delicatessen.

Mrs Bin is a dark comedy and features an ensemble of actors, musicians, singers, and dancers all portraying a range of colourful and complex characters.


Mrs Bin was originally written by French Australian actress/author Helene Dunlop as part of a covid lock-down writing competition. Upon completion the work was presented as a virtual online performance.

Since then, the project has been picked up by local producer James Antonio Masefield and is set for theatrical release in August 2024. The show will be carefully workshopped and developed over a 10-month period that will see the work transition through three distinct phases and culminating in two separate performance seasons. The first instalment will be a short developmental season featuring work in progress. And the final phase will be the full production season which will premiere in mid-2024.


Writer: Helene Dunlop
Director: Deborah Leiser Moore
Composer/Conductor: Nela Trifkovic
Producer: James Antonio Masefield


10 nominations at the spring reading CAT 2022. Award for Best Direction and one of the third finalist for Best Play.

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